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February 2004
The "Coffee Cruisers" are people that travel to local coffee shops any time during the year, winter or summer to meet with other Coffee Cruiser members for coffee, chat, rides, etc.
Coffee Cruisers was formed because there were a bunch of people who always would meet for coffee at a local Dunkin Donuts and have coffee and go for a motorcycle ride beginning and ending where there was coffee in late 2001.
We decided that there were so many people who enjoy doing the same thing, we opened CoffeeCruisers.com to share our love for riding and coffee to the world.
The best thing about Coffee Cruisers is that it is NOT a motorcycle club or riding club. We are just people who love to ride and drink coffee!

We have members from all over the United States as well as Canada and Australia and we are hoping to have members in every U.S. State and every foreign country as well.

Coffee Cruisers is open to any and all motorcycle riders and passengers of any age. One of our members is 9 years old and she earned her patch by having a big sip of her moms coffee.
If you enjoy motorcycle riding and drinking coffee, join us today!

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